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California Lien Law Overview

For Construction Lenders

CA Lettering

Increase your knowledge of the complexities of California's construction lien law to protect your financial institution's interests and mitigate possible risks. Join us for a comprehensive training session by Land Gorilla, exclusively designed for construction lenders aiming to navigate California's specific statutory requirements.

During this informative webinar, you will gain valuable insights into:

  • Mastering the complexities of California's lien law
  • Discovering faster and more cost-effective alternatives to a foundation survey
  • Understanding the significance of the Notice of Completion and its critical timeline that can minimize a lender's exposure during the final disbursement
  • Unraveling California's Prompt Payment Act

The information provided will help you successfully navigate California construction lien law and effectively manage construction loans. This is a must-watch for lenders offering construction loans in California or are considering expanding into this large housing market.

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Sean Faries

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Land Gorilla

Sean Faries has deep roots in the mortgage industry and founded Land Gorilla in 2010. Under his leadership, Land Gorilla pioneered technology that makes construction lending safer, faster, and more efficient. Sean is passionate about innovative solutions that enable lenders to successfully finance the critical infrastructure necessary to address our national housing shortage.