You Can’t Afford to Be Wrong: Overcoming Construction Loan Compliance Challenges


Construction lending presents its own set of inherent risks. Add to this the confusion of state and regulatory requirements and construction lending becomes even more worrisome. Compliance-related issues cost the banking industry at large approximately $270 billion per year.  

With a new regulatory alert issued every 7 minutes, how do you ensure compliance throughout your construction loan portfolio? Lenders are required to follow these regulations and need technology solutions that will save them time and minimize risk.

In this webinar, join Asurity Mortgage Group and Land Gorilla to learn how to create compliant construction loan packages to improve efficiency, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.

Learning Objectives:

  • What makes a solution provider compliant
  • Importance of state-specific construction loan documents
  • Avoid common Issues with a guaranteed compliant process
  • How to track loan documents
  • Ways to organize your construction docs post-closing
  • How to maintain a healthy construction loan portfolio


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Mike Riddle | Asurity Docs

Mike Riddle

President, Asurity Mortgage Group


Sean Faries

CEO, Land Gorilla